Metro Foods

From Nature’s pantry to your plate..Preserving taste at its finest


We are manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of Frozen, Dehydrated and Freeze Dried fruits and vegetables. Natural taste of fruits and vegetables are offered to clients across the global market.

Freshness Preserved at it's Peak...

We are committed to providing our customers with high- quality, healthy and convenient vegetables and fruits. Our products are perfect for home use, restaurants, hotels and others food service establishments.

Our Products

Metro food is a leading supplier of frozen , Dehydrated & freeze dried fruits & vegetables in world. The company has a state- of the-art processing facility that meets the highest international standards and ensure that our products retain their nutrients and taste. Metro foods uses only the freshest high quality fruits and vegetables which are processes using the latest technologies within hours of harvest to ensure maximum freshness and nutritional value along with maintaining flavor and colors of the food product.

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